swimlvr591 (swimlvr591) wrote in tightpants,

Skinny jeans

Everyone here is into the skinny jeans scene, ok, here is my question.....any guys here have or would wear the skinny jeans with ankle zippers at the bottom of the leg?
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well im not a guy. but i bought some 2 days ago. and i love them
as long as they are zipped while being worn, i think they are fine.
one male friend of mine has REALLY big feet, and couldnt get his feet through the bottoms of the pant legs, so (being able to sew) he added zippers to the bottom of them so he could fit his feet through
haha I totally have "skinny jeans" with ankle zippers.

I got them 2 years ago before the huge rush of people decided to make straightlegged pants cool again.
Cool.....please take some pics, and post 'em!
if i was a guy i would wear them
even though i do wear them.
well that didnt make any sense